Hi everybody. Nick here, and the idea behind this blog is pretty simple. I just want to document my adventures in an amateur and raw sort of way. Hopefully I am able to inspire others to take care of their bodies and enjoy the outdoors more frequently.

I have been moderately successful at self-employment since about 2008. It has blessed me with handful of unique opportunities. Kicking it off,  I was able to work from home while watching our kids until they were old enough to go school. No daycare! My wife works full time, semi-normal hours. If I did have to work more it was typically in the evenings. Evenings, for me, became the alone time in the gym or working. Now that my kids are in school, my free time exploded and has been filled with the gym and working, ha!

Last year, was a year of firsts for me. First short mtb enduro race, first mtb DH race and my first marathon. I say first, because I no doubly plan on continuing! I was absolutely hooked. The highs of finishing alone, are out of this world.

I love to mountain bike, hike, camping and road tripping. Pretty much all around adventuring. I love my alone time, family time and time with friends. I have truly come to believe that memories and experiences with those I care the most about is what paramount to just about anything else.

I hope to keep this updated from here on out with adventures. And I will continually update with past adventures. I would love to start recording interviews with people that are out there doing truly epic things, feel free to reach out!

Love 11:11