It Started...


I had replaced my Dad's stolen mountain bike and began riding again since he wasn't putting it to use. We are blessed with a lot of awesome single track here in the Twin Cities. And we have amazing riding with in a few hours in Duluth, Marquette, and Copper Harbor to name a few. 

My brother was spending the summer working at Blue Ribbon Flies in West Yellow Stone.  You know... one of those summers is paradise helping you find the meaning of life. It didn't take much convincing and before you knew of it, three of us packed my Honda Element with three bikes and all of our gear.

Last minute, we took off for a six day road trip. Three days of driving and three days to adventure. From the Twin Cities to Bozeman, Montana and Back. 

Day 1 we spent riding Grassy Mountain just outside of Bozeman, Montana.

We unload the bikes and start on this fire road climb. Mind you, it was only 4 miles if I remember correctly, but it felt like 1000. Ill never forget the decent. It couldn't have been ten to fifteen minutes of catching our breath that we run into a Grizzly. We made it out, but man it got the adrenaline going.

Day 2 we spent trying to ride DH at Big Sky, Montana

You know those Jerry of the Day videos? Yeah, that was us. XC bikes trying to take on some of the most difficult terrain we'd ridden up to that point. Our friend, Sunshine... yes, that's his nickname. If you knew him, it would make a little more sense. Anyway, at one point he was bucked from his bike. While he was running through the air his bike just tomahawked down the side of him. I don't even remember how either of them came to a stop. 

Day 3 we spent hiking and fly fishing in Yellow Stone National Park

This wasn't planned too well. We had got on our hike pretty late in the day and continued down river with our giving much thought to how far we had traveled. We hiked out, in pitch dark. I think only one of us had a head lamp. And only one can of bear spray. Its these kinds of random things that really make these adventures memorable. It doesn't really matter what happens - we will find a way to make it work. 



One of the best and most memorable parts of this trip. I was working on my road rage. I found that listening to calm music really helped. Driver controls the music so.......  here were are road tripping across the United States jamming out to Flight of Fantasy. You are so welcome, Sunshine!