One of Three in The Valley of Fire

Monday March 12th, 2018

                                                               3:08p - Driving - Destination Unknown

4:47p - Driving on Old Route 66!!!  This is so exciting!!

5:37p- Kingman, AZ
IN-N-OUT: Found it! 
$15.95 (for 3 hamburgers, a double double, fries and a shake!)

7:29p- Welcome to Nevada!

Hoover Dam detour- Nick was convinced he was going to jail when they searched the truck!

10:12p (pacific time)- Echo Bay campground in Lake Mead National Recreation Area $20.  When Nick is tired, he drives really fast.  It’s quite terrifying!

Campgrounds were full in the Valley of Fire when we got in, so we rerouted down to Lake Mead and snagged a spot at the Echo Bay Campground. Nothin' fancy or secluded but it was dark and we were crazy tired from the day! No rain in the forecast so we truck slummed it and let me tell you, I slept SO GOOD. 

Tuesday March 13th, 2018

10:48a- Leaving the campground toward Valley of Fire

11:12a- Valley of Fire State Park, NV

We found the LAST campsite (of 72) in the whole park. Plus, it was the very best one- #20!!!! It was one of three hike in sites in the far end of the Atlatl campground. 

Fire Wave

After we secured our campsite, we drove around the park.  We did a short hike to see the Fire Wave.  It was a little over a mile, but under the blazing desert sun, it was hot and we were dragging. Neither of us really wanted to be on our feet much after we made it back to the truck.  Luckily, the drive through the park was gorgeous from every angle, so we didn't feel like we were missing much by staying off our feet. We did make the short walk up a bunch of stairs near the entrance to Atlatl Rock Campground to see the 4,000yo petroglyphs.  Unforgettable.  We stopped by the SHOWER in the campground and bathed for the first time all week.. So refreshing!  Back at camp, we made supper (honey chicken and rice and scrambled eggs and bacon) and ate a bunch of snacks.  With our newfound freshness and full tummies, we parked our butts in the camp chairs and watched the sky as the sun set.  I was practicing my night photography and managed to get a couple of great shots.  We made our way back to the tent, sleeping without the rainfly so we were under the stars all night. It was, hands-down, my most memorable night of tent camping to date.. 

These petroglyphs were so unreal to see. It's interesting to try and even think back that far. 4000 years is such a long time. The placement of the petroglyphs were up a rock wall and out along the face near the top. What was someone even doing up there and how did they get up that high!?


Barely any clouds in sight- the only light we had was from the stars and the dim glow of the Vegas lights over one of the ridges surrounding our spot in the canyon. 

Wednesday March 14th, 2018

6:41a- Leaving (to) Las Vegas