One Day to Mountain Bike In Moab, Utah.. Life Behind Bars

If you've been to Moab, Utah you know that its an adventurer's playground. I was en route home and decided I only had one day to ride. I've ridden all over Moab a handful of times now but I have only ridden The Whole Enchilada once. And even that time, it doesn't really count. I snapped my derailleur off somewhere around LPS and walked the fun out. 

Anyway, from the Las Vegas airport I traveled north east through Bryce Canyon and Capitol Reef National park on my way to Moab. I think I prefer the southern route through Monument Valley a lot more. It was pretty wild.. I got caught in a blizzard somewhere around Capitol Reef, the wind was blowing so hard that i don't think I could see more that 20-25 feet in front of me. Somehow both of windshield wipers cracked and I lost the rubber squeegee part of the wipers. It wasn't snowing a lot, it was just blowing crazy hard. So... being the MacGyver that I am I figured Ill try some duct tape. I duct taped both windshield wipers all the way. I wish I would've taken a picture. Not safe at all, and completely ridiculous. I honestly have no idea how it worked out, but it did. Haha

I made it into Moab and tried finding some camping spots down 128 somewhere. I couldn't find anything. I was so tired I just decided I'd pull in and tent it at an RV park for the night. The sun was down, so it was pretty damn dark back there in that canyon. As I was driving back down 128 I pulled off into a gravel pull out for a quick bathroom relief. I want to say I was somewhere near the Grandstaff campground. Anyway, as I turned to get back in the truck I made eye contact with this giant mountain lion that was right in the beam of my headlights. *&^%! It was a gigantic cat ready to eat me for dinner. My heart pounded as I jumped back into my truck and rolled up the window. haha! From there it never motioned towards me and took off. That was wild. Really, really wild. 

Let's just fast forward quick. Nobody wants to hear about where I slept...I crashed hard. I woke up to rain. Decided I was riding no matter what. I've been dying to get on the bike. So I get down to Poison Spyder and then head to the gravel lot for the shuttle van to take me up. Ends up being just an absolute perfect day. Perfect temps for riding. Not too warm or cool. Other than me there was only two other rippers (who i totally should've followed) were on the shuttle. Trail to ourselves! Cheers, @Swillett_


Anyway, as you can see... I took a wrong turn (or didn't turn) somewhere and ended up down a 4x4 road and had to climb out of it. It was super fun but after the week I had, my legs were fried. I didn't have to try too hard to keep the smile going... I mean, I was outside and in a beautiful part of the country that, really.. not that many people get to explore. My body was just begging for a break.  Met several nice shredders on my climb up and ride out. The later shuttle and other rippers were catching up behind me. 

If you are in the southwest, and enjoy riding your bike, you've got to ride the Whole Enchilada. It's just one of those must ride trails. Cheers to everyone that build and maintains the playground we get to visit. You are lucky enough to call it home and share it with rest of us. Moab....Until next time!