My All Time Favorite Road Trip Snack

Time And health are two precious assets that we don’t recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted.

Guys & Gals -
Do yourselves all a favor and stop buying expensive, gross, and unhealthy crap at the gas station. It doesn't take long to plan out and prep for the time you are going to be on the road. Whether your are traveling solo, with friends or family, the benefit of road tripping is that you more often than not have room somewhere for food. 

My favorite snack to bring along on trips are freeze dried blueberries. You can buy them anywhere, amazon included. The health benefits of blue berries can not be understated, and they taste amazing!


A lot of times when we are craving certain types of foods, we can often find healthy substitutes to curb those cravings. You want that chocolate or sugary foods? Substitute with fruits and nuts instead. They are going taste better at the very least..

A lot of the time, physical activity is included along with the road tripping and traveling. Long miles on the road, sitting behind the wheel is hard enough on the body. The last thing you want to is be filling your body with crap and unhealthy foods that will just compound. Blueberries help boost the immune system, good for the heart, brain, eyes, urinary tract, and of all fruits out there, it is one of the highest antioxidant. 

Live Fearless, Not Reckless.