Health is Wealth - Week 1 Schedule


I find there to be too many gyms and too many options when it comes to health and fitness. None seem to be all encompassing with what I want, so I am aiming to create my own plan, program and routines. The internet provides with a lot information, too much probably. Youtube is an awesome tool that aids in our education and managing time/money. Using Yoga as an example, I have decided to do Adrienne’s 30 days challenge along with my program. If you are here to follow along, Yoga With Adrienne has tons of options on her channel. I just want to reiterate that this blog is dedicated to the amateur adventure athlete. Do you own due diligence.

This Week’ schedule as follows:

MONDAY: Stability Circuit
Yoga Day 1 - Easing Into It

TUESDAY: Cardio - Run
Yoga Day 2 - Stretch a& Soothe

WEDNESDAY: Stability Circuit
Yoga Day 3 - Forget What You Know

THURSDAY: Cardio - Ride & Run
Yoga Day 4 - Yoga For Your Back

FRIDAY: Rest Day
Yoga Day 5 - Feel Alive Flow

SATURDAY: Cardio - Ride OR Run
Yoga Day 6 - Six Pack Abs

SUNDAY: Rest Day
Yoga Day 7 - Total Body Yoga