Charts of Interest - Weekly Perspective

           A lot of stocks on the Market Smith Growth 250+ list have made runs of 20%-100% since the beginning of this intermediate up trend that began on on the low of 11/16/12 and really got moving on 12/31/12. For me, just because the Indexes are starting to act sloppy and erratic doesn't mean I am hoping on the short side and I am not cutting my longs either. This is one of those times where less is more. I have taken profits in most of my winning positions and down to core size in each. Trails stops set in what I have left.
         This is just a list of names that have come across my scans. I continually watch for names that hold up well in corrective and choppy markets.

 "Plan your trades and trade your plan."


Charts of Interest

Looking at the daily and weekly of the SPY. Bearish on the weekly, but if the pattern fails could spike a solid rally. With the exception of the gaps, I think daily looks pretty good. One thing I would say about the gaps for the Bulls are that the gap ups are holding for now.

ARG on watch list. 

Seen a lot of posts on the stream on CAT. I think everyone is watching the same levels.

ENB trading into new highs on Friday. Solid pocket pivot on 12/7/11.

EOG - Daily 

FFIV holding 10d on average volume. I feel the demand is there. 

GNC - watching for a break out of this small flag. 

HANS - along with Cat. I think quite a few are watching. I'm looking at entering if highs get taken out and/or follow thru day tomorrow. 

HMSY - Watching for follow thru tomorrow. 

MA and V - similar charts. Looking at adding to existing positions thru highs. 

Nice bounce on less than average volume. On watchlist for now.

N - Will enter on gap down or thru highs.

PRGO - holding 10 after a huge run. Watching for a trade thru 101.50

QCOR - pocket pivot move on Friday off the 10/21d moving averages while breaking out to new highs. Might want to consider on weakness? 

RAI on watch. Sitting on 21d. Huge volume surge on 11/17, 11/18, and 11/21

TLEO - Just recently noticed. Into new highs on Friday. 


XOM Daily & Weekly Taking out this long term descending trend line. 

TSCO - Somewhat of a longer term ascending triangle. Remaining on watchlist.

Some Charts of Interest $MELI $SPG $V $LTD $FFIV $XOM $CAT $ULTA $HANS ETC..

MELI completing it's measured move out of this descending channel and clearing highs. Held it's 91-92.00 area it broke through yesterday.

SPG creating a small flag between 121 and 125.00. Keeping an eye on it.

Solid bounce today in V on average volume. Sitting right at previous all time highs. 

LTD breaking out on huge volume today

FFIV remaining strong. Bounced today off this descending trend line that was previously resistance now acting as support. Still keeping an eye on the weekly as the measured move is back at highs near the 145 area. 

XOM tryingto dcide if it wants to break out here or now. Volume came in as it cleared its 200d. Watching the action here and keeping a close eye on it. 



CAT holding 10/21d today. Could see an explosive move out of this 87-98.00 range

ULTA - Watching for a move thru 75.75.00


EOG - Along with APA, APC, SM 

Rookie Mistake - What the Hell? $$ - $FFIV $APKT $CF $WLT $DECK $CMI and Some others..

I've come to the realization that while my watch list is about 100 stocks, my focus list is too big. I always try to narrow down my favorite 3-5, but lately its been 10-15 causing my attention to spread thin. On top of that I had my worst day in a long long time. Rookie mistake, overslept, thought I had my stop orders placed in which I didn't and ended up puking up my swings at the lows of the day today, all of which closed at their highs of the day and look great for higher places. I had great prices, what the hell was I thinking? Ouch. Live, Trade and Learn. Sometimes you just need to take a beating to wake yourself up.