Health is Wealth: Stabiltity Circuit - Day 25/243 #RUN #YOGA

You don’t even have to know what you want. I’ll take care of that. Just enjoy that you received another day, and the 10,000 miracles within it.

It’s on me...
— The Universe

HRV Score: 58
Relative Balance: 9 (Parasympathetic)
Sleep: 6hr 15min
Overall mood: I knew I was lacking sleep when I woke but still felt pretty damn good. I stayed up late, watching The Outlaw King on NFLX. Not sure why. ha.

Meditation: 7:46am - 10min - 396Hz

Home: Day 25 - Dancing Warrior Sequence

Happiness is lighter than a feather,
no one can grasp it.
Suffering is heavier than the earth,
no one can let it go.
— Zhuangzi

Core Power Yoga:

  1. Yoga: 60min C1 Class.

  2. Class #10

  3. Average HR: 106

  4. Notes: Ella was our teacher for the C1 class today. Class was awesome. It was only me and one other male student. It was apparent that she had been teaching for quite a while, I thought she was fantastic. It was tough to hear her at times when she was on the other side of the room, but that was also partly due to the music. I particularly enjoyed her emphasis on breath and breathing. Not that the other teachers dont, it just seemed to me, that there was more emphasis placed on breath today. That could also be because there was only two of us in the class, both men, and probably weren’t breathing well! haha. Either way, the more I have attended the C1 classes, the more comfortable I have become with the sequence and pose names.. and it allows me to focus on breathing.

    1. I could tell that I was a little tight from the beginning. I think my body needs a break from class tomorrow. We’ll see how I feel when I wake up. I did have Nico’s advice running in the back of my mind particularity during the Chaturanga Dandasana trying to make sure my hands were close enough to my rib cage. Ella pointed out that my hands and feet should be in the same place in Adho mukha śvānāsana (downward-facing dog) as Chaturanga Dandasana. That helped significantly and made complete sense. I cannot say that downward facing dog is a resting position at this moment in time.

    2. Another moment in class where breath was emphasized was when we were working on Bakasana, Crow pose. I never felt like i had done this pose before while not breathing, but it is apparent now that I definitely was restricting my breathe. The deeper, more full breathes I took, the easier the balance felt. Craziness!

    3. Two poses that I struggle with currently that I want to focus on are Garudasana (eagle pose), as I am not able to completely intertwine my arms and hands. Im not sure if it is due to a tight chest, back or shoulders, Ill ask tomorrow. So I just place my hands on my elbows. I also struggle with keeping my knees completely in line in Parivrtta Utka Asana (Revolved Chair Pose). I felt like I did a pretty good job today, but it took a lot of focus and I ended up falling out of the twist when we twisted to the left. I am excited for these two poses though however, they are weaknesses that have been discovered AND!!!! …. That chair pose in general, fucking drills my inner quads which I know needs work. Exciting stuff. This will help my biking for sure.

    4. Again, class was great. I have yet to attend a class I haven’t enjoyed. After how much sweat poured out of me yesterday I bough a new mat at LULU and the smell was awful. It was tough to get past it today, but I managed. It will go away, it will just take some time sweating and cleaning it I am sure.

    5. We spoke for a while after class. As usual my mouth wouldn’t stop moving. Although, i do have to say I really enjoy the constructive criticism that teachers provide after class. It helps a lot. Ella, Thank you. Infinite Love & Gratitude!

    6. “Breathe…Your breath fuels the fire.”

Gym: Stability Circuit Active Recovery Week - 2x

    2. CLAM SHELLS - 15/SIDE
    6. PRONE PLANK - 60/90/120 SECONDS

Internet Truth or Fiction: Prunes Remove Heavy Metals - Prunes are our richest source of malic acid, which is a proven remover of aluminum and other toxic metals from the brain. Aluminum toxicity is factor in Alzheimer’s disease. Prunes are dried plums. Whereas plums are difficult to juice, they can be dried and soaked. Their juice fills the soak water suffusing it with its nutritional properties.

Eternity must be a man’s home, moment by moment. Without it, he is lost, always striving, grasping at puffs of smoke. A man must do anything necessary to glimpse, and then stabilize, this ever fresh realization, and organize his life around it.
— Deida

The Corner of 8th & Insanity: Is it a surprise to you how much you have taken to attending Yoga? Do you think there is a reason? Well make our discussion short this evening, but there are a few things I want to mention.

You need to make your life an ongoing process of being who you are, at your deepest, most easeful levels of self. No matter what it is, if you are not living, not consciously making decisions from this truest version of yourself, the results will be superficial and empty. Do you understand what I am saying? This source of who you are, is what you need to live in. We have been discussing ego quite a bit lately. The forms and names the ego takes on. The ego clings to the superficial and shallow. Dig deeper.

You did an incredible job and forcing yourself to meditate this week. It only took one time for you to realize and reap even the slightest of benefits that come with consistent practice. Stay on the path. Continue to practice, continue reading and studying because these are the things that inspire you to live and be the truth. Your truest you. Continue to seek out those that are going to help you grow. Everyone has responsibilities that take your attention away day to day, but even in these moments, try and live from that deepest source. Love. Everyday is a gift. The more you live from this source, the easier it will be to play life with love, humor and appreciation for what it really is.

I am proud of how your handled yourself today. The universe is and will continue to test you with the same problem, the same circumstance until you learn the lesson. You have been putting in much work with the ego, again, stay at it. There is no end here, enjoy the process and every bit it. Or what is the point?

Happiness is your natural state. Problems come and go. The way you feel depends on what you choose to hold onto.