Health is Wealth: Stability Circuit - Day 27/243 #RUN #YOGA

To define “your” life is to limit it, and to limit it... is to create false beliefs . . .
If you learn to practice love, compassion, joy, and equanimity, you will know how to heal the illnesses of anger, sorrow, insecurity, sadness, hatred, loneliness, and unhealthy attachments.
— Thich Nhat Hanh

HRV Score: 53
Relative Balance: 8 (sympathetic)
Sleep: 8h 27m
Overall morning mood: Felt sluggish and tired from the minute I woke up. I felt Like I slept alright but my eyes did not want to stay open. Alright mood, fucked twice, ate breakfast and headed out to the in-laws. Discussion in the car didn’t improve my mood as I let a few things get to me that I shouldn’t have. Wasn’t looking forward to a birthday part at a brewery. I don’t drink alcohol for two reasons…1. It taste like shit and 2. Its poison for the mind & body. Just one of those day I struggled for no apparent reason.

Meditation: 10 minutes

Home: Yoga - Day 27 - Flexible, Fearless, & Fun

Gym: Stability Circuit (Active Recovery Week - Half Sets) 2x

  1. Elliptical - GrandStaircase Warm Up 4%

    1. 1 mile

    2. 8m 24s

    3. EG: 592ft

    4. Ave Hr 113

  2. Trinity Mountain Run - 0%

    1. 45 minutes

    2. Aerobic

    3. 5.08 miles

    4. Average HR: 135

  3. Stabilitly Circuit 2 - Active Recovery Week - 2x

    1. Standard Pull Ups - 2 x 10

    2. Dumb-bell Squats (Dumb bell held under chin) - 2 x 15 @35lbs

    3. Standing Cable Pulls - 2 x 20 @20lbs

    4. Standard Push ups - 2 x 20

    5. Hip Extensions on Stability Ball - 2 x 20 W/5sec pause

    6. Dumb bell Chek Press - 2 x 15 @10lbs

    7. Stability Ball Seated Cable Rotations - 2 x 12/side @ 15lbs

    8. Russian Leg Curls - 2 x 4

Keeping your body healthy is an expression of gratitude to the whole cosmos; trees, clouds, everything.
— Thích Nhat Hanh

Notes: Gym went exceptionally well. It was an active recovery week, so half the sets were name of the game. I hopped on the treadmill and was able to keep my heart rate down easier than usual. You know, one of the key take away’s from yesterday’s Yoga class was matching breath to the intensity of the exorcise. As I was running, I was taking deeper breathes through the nose and pushing out through the mouth just a little more than usual. It was awesome. I felt energized and ready to go after my run. I was only supposed to run for 15-20 minutes, but as I was breathing, I just sort of zoned out. Either way, It felt great on the body from the head down to my toes and my heart rate never breached 145.

Internet Truth or Fiction: Meat Damages the Kidneys: Red meat intake has been strongly associated with an increased risk of end-stage renal diseases, the loss of normal kidney function. The relationship is “dose-dependent,” meaning the higher the consumption, the greater the risk. Uric acid is excreted through the kidneys, and most people who are large and frequent meat eaters are the most afflicted with kidney troubles. The presence of too much uric acid in the urine places a dangerous burden on the kidneys.

If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.
— Amit Ray

The Corner of 8th & Insanity: Today you had an opportunity to open some doors to conversation or perhaps step back and respond to this similar issue a different way. But you didn’t. I mean, it was a pretty clear failure at an opportunity. Don’t worry, I am sure it will arise again and you will be given a another chance. When it does, remember this conversation we had. It would be quite beneficial. Remember, frustration is that of the ego. There was no reason to take that which was said in a personal way. And you did, and proceed to swing to an extreme. It was your ego telling you to feel like a failure. Ego man, EGO. That heart of yours is to remain open…work, breathe through it.

Asking a woman to analyze or fry to fix her own emotions is a negation of her feminine core, which is pure energy in motion, like the ocean. She can learn to surrender her mood to the universe, she can learn to open her heart in the midst of closure, she can learn to relax her edges and trust love, but she will never ‘fix’ anything by analyzing her ‘problem.”

Here is the deal.. she doesn’t want to have to help you. She doesn’t want to figure it out for you. She wants to be able to trust you in your direction, but for her to be able to do that, you need to help her surrender. She needs to trust that you can be strong and stable in your presence, so that she can just let go. She wants to surrender the limits she has put on her feelings. But again, you need to be full as fuck in your love, unwavering and steady. In doing that she will be able to trust the force of love, she will open her heart and love will naturally overflow from that state of pure happiness.

Love her with your whole body. Keep your heart open and breathe through it. She is happiest when she is relaxed in her mind and her heart. “The feminine energy itself is undirected but immense, like the wind and deep currents of the ocean, ever changing, beautiful, destructive and the source of life.” The lesson today, is you have no reason to make any other possible decision than to lean into her with your love always and fully. Til tomorrow…