Health is Wealth: Strength Circuit - Day 29/243 #RUN #YOGA

Next time you feel fear, either right after a major decision or just before one, it usually means you’re exactly where you need to be.
— The Universe

HRV Score: 55
Relative Balance: 10 (Parasympathetic)
Sleep: 8h 49m
Overall morning mood: Great. Was excited for strength day to start!

Meditation Practice:

  1. 7:53a

  2. 10 minutes

  3. 528HZ

Home: Yoga - Day 29 - Sweet Surrender

Gym: Strength Circuit

  1. Grand Staircase Warm up

    1. 1.11 mile

    2. 20 minutes

    3. EG: 397ft

  2. Strength Circuit

    1. Romanian Dead lifts (3x12 @45lb Kettle-bell)

    2. Diagonal Cable Wood Chops (3x 12/Side @ 15lbs)

    3. Squat w/Dumbbell press (3x15 @ 30lb Kettle-bell)

    4. Single Arm Cable Push (3x 12/arm @15 lbs)

    5. Kettle Bell Lateral Lunges (3x 12/side @30lb Kettle-bell)

    6. Bent-over Dumbbell Flies (3x15 @10lbs)

    7. External Cable Rotations ( 3x15 @5lbs)

    8. Cable wood Chop - Static hold (3xSide (60 sec Hold @ 10lbs)

    9. Pull Ups 3x12

    10. Dips 3x15

    11. Notes: Feeling my inner quads, from the lateral lunges. They were sore before my workout was over. Other than that, it was a great workout.

Yoga: Corepower C1 Class

  1. Class #13

  2. 60 minutes

  3. Average HR: 95, Max 146

  4. Notes: Class today was taught by Emily Eg. Another awesome class. The music set for class does a pretty good job and determining the tempo of the class. It’s interesting how the teacher’s vibe is a pretty good reflection of the music. It was a really good class today.

    1. It felt like she directed the class in if she was just an having an easy going conversation. I was in pretty rough shape when I got to class. Rough, obviously being an exaggeration, it was just my legs were already crazy sore from the gym. Especially my inner quads. I wasn’t looking forward to any chair positions…at all.

    2. Funny thing, she began discussing some of the poses, I don’t remember which. But her point was that these yoga poses are meant to be uncomfortable and awkward at first. These poses are meant to teach us. We learn to breathe through them. We learn to push past those edges. Our time on mat, the frustrations we overcome, the lessons we learn, can then be carried over into our every day life and help us navigate just that much better.

    3. And on a physical level, they are obviously exposing our weaknesses. Which should be exciting.. something to practice and work on! To get better, and stronger.

    4. It was a great class. I undoubtedly felt better by the end of the class. I asked her a few questions post class regarding Chair and the Chair Twists, Utkatasana. I was concerned with my hips shifting and a knee pushing forward. She gave me pretty good ideas of what to work on, and some alternative twists that can help as well. Thanks much, Infinitive Love & Gratitude!

      1. “In yoga, we purposefully and willingly put ourselves in those uncomfortable positions. We bring ourselves to the edge of discomfort and look for the stillness within. “

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