Health is Wealth: Strength Circuit - Day 31/243 #Run #Yoga

The holidays are upon us and I have no idea what to get for 8 billion people this year! Do you have any idea how difficult it is shopping for people who already have dominion over all things?

There’s NOTHING I can give them, that they can’t give to themselves.
— The Universe

HRV Score: 53
Relative Balance: 8 (sympathetic)
Sleep: 8h 17m
Overall morning mood: Great. Another Strength day.

Meditation Practice:

  1. 7:40a

  2. 11 minutes

  3. 528HZ

Home: Break

Gym: Strength Circuit Day

  1. Grand Staircase Warm up

    1. .5 mile

    2. 10 minutes

    3. EG: 200ft

  2. Run -

    1. 2.23miles

    2. 20 minutes

    3. Average HR: 128, Max 144

  3. Strength Circuit

    1. Romanian Dead lifts (3x12 @50lb Kettle-bell)

    2. Diagonal Cable Wood Chops (3x 12/Side @ 15lbs)

    3. Squat w/Dumbbell press (3x15 @ 35lb Kettle-bell)

    4. Single Arm Cable Push (3x 12/arm @15 lbs)

    5. Kettle Bell Lateral Lunges (3x 12/side @35lb Kettle-bell)

    6. Bent-over Dumbbell Flies (3x15 @10lbs)

    7. External Cable Rotations ( 3x15 @Orange Band)

    8. Cable wood Chop - Static hold (3xSide (60 sec Hold @ 10lbs)

    9. Pull Ups 3x12

    10. Dips 3 x Til Failure

In the garden of my heart, the flowers of peace bloom beautifully. — Thich Nhat Hanh

Yoga: Corepower C1 Class

  1. Class #15

  2. C1 Class 12/15

  3. 60 minutes

  4. Average HR: 95, Max 146

  5. Notes: Today’s class was great and much needed. I was having a great day and had a fantastic work out yet somehow I let the stupidity of other drivers get to me. En route to yoga too! What the heck! It was abundantly clear, I was heading where I needed to be, for an hour, on my mat, in a hot room and shutting the world out. I was discussing my intention for class with Jess on the drive over and I was in agreement. Most classes, I have my intention to calmness, which I have feel has been incredibly successful. But what is being calm without sympathy towards others. Perhaps, less feeling sorry, more understanding and compassionate. Today, I am warm, I am compassionate.

    1. Class today was taught by Emily. I had taken her C1 class on Monday as well. I was hoping to take her noon C2 class but was running late at the gym. Thankful to have the time to make the C1 class at 1:30p.

    2. I didn’t pay much attention to the music today, as I seemed to be intently focused on breathing and stretching. Her voice is strong and steady and as said on Monday, it feels like she is just having a fluid conversation all class. Speaking spiritual words of wisdom that everyone relates to while explaining and transitioning the class from pose to pose is no easy feat in my opinion!

      1. “A healer's power stems not from any special ability, but from maintaining the courage and awareness to embody and express the universal healing power that every human being naturally possesses….” - EMV

    3. I initially wasn’t looking forward to any chair twist poses today however something she had said really clicked. Lengthening the through the spine and head before twisting. I noticed it with the first twist we did today. I probably wasn’t where I should’ve been breathing properly though my chair twists, maybe at times I was. In general, I feel the stretch of certain poses deepen as I breathe and exhale through the stretch. Twisting isn’t any different, if anything, twisting exaggerates that feel.

      1. “If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.” - Amit Ray

    4. The feel of the twists felt more comfortable lengthening first, then leaning, and lastly twisting. I can’t say that I could twist any more or deeper per say, but it certainly felt right. Inhale and lengthen, exhale and twist. The deepening breath feels much better with a long spine. I think I understood what teacher’s have meant when space is created. Particularly in a bent over twist, trying to breathe and stay long.

    5. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing her talking about easing into resistance. A lot times, the postures in yoga can be difficult, frustrating, awkward and even vulnerable. The last thing we want to do is force ourself into a stretch or posture that our body isn’t agreeing with. Easing or softening up to that edge and backing off can do magic in pushing past. I think that is incredibly applicable across the many facets of life. How often does something fork when try to slam or force something into existence. It doesn’t. If anything, it is the culprit to anger and frustration. Breathe…and ease into the resistance..

    6. I learn something new every day, every class. It is not surprising, its great. It makes me happy! Even the slightest or tiniest change or correction can make worlds of difference.

      1. “ is the small things, even smaller than a mustard seed, that moves mountains..”

    7. Thank for another great class and yapping with me afterwards, Emily. Infinite Love & Gratitude!