Health is Wealth: 54/243 #RUN #YOGA #MTB

Today don’t think or say, “I’m tired,” “I’m hurt,” “I’m angry.” Don’t even think or say, “I’m happy.”

Instead, think and say, “I’ve chosen to be tired, hurt, angry.” Or better still, “I’m choosing to be happy.”

You don’t get “hit” by feelings, you feel them based on your perceptions, and you perceive based on your beliefs, and you believe as you choose.
— The Universe

HRV Score: 55
Relative Balance: 8 (sympathetic)
Sleep: 8hr 32m

Overall morning mood: Was woken up early to my amazing lover. Nothing better than morning fucking to start off the day! I was little tight. I could still feel a bit of soreness in my right shoulder and right elbow, but will continue to stretch and use the tennis ball on my triceps to loosen up the muscle back there along with my chest. I feel like my chest is pretty tight, I need to focus on loosening up the chest up as well. Going to be a fantastic Friday.

Meditation Practice - 7:55a- 21m 26s - 5hz Theta

Gratitude will shift you to a higher frequency, and you will attract much better things

GYM: Strength Circuit

  • Warm Up Run

    • Trinity Mountains 4%

    • 9m 38s

    • 1.08miles

    • EG: 114ft

    • Ave HR: 123

  • Strength Circuit 3X

    • Deadlifts - 4x12 @205lbs

      • Standing Pulls in Squat 3x12@50lbs

    • Incline cable press 3X12/Arm @20lbs

      • Lunge with Dumbbell Curl to Press 3X8/L @25lbs

      • Stability Ball Dumbbell press 3x12 @55lbs

    • Horizontal Cable Chops 3X12/s @20lbs

      • Up downs (planks) 3x10/side

      • Cable Crunches 3x15/side @25lbs

YOGA: Corepower C2

  • Class #30

  • C2 10/30

  • 60min

  • Average HR: 113. Max: 174

  • Teacher: Jen

    • I enjoy Jen’s class focus on gratitude and sending it out. It has been the focus of my meditation practice and creates happier and happier days. I have been incredibly thankful for her and the rest of the Grand Studio’s teachers in helping me get the most out of my classes.

    • Today marked my 30th class and I feel like I have learned so much and I know it is only the beginning of this journey, i mean it will never end but regardless, I am excited for what is to come.

    • At the end of class, Jess handed out these gratitude straws with suggestions written on them. My read, Bring Treats for Your Coworkers. So I figured next class I attend, I will bring donuts from Granny’s in West St. Paul.

    • Class was tough, I was sweating or as like to call it purging like no other. It was a great class. I think I enjoy her music selection that absolute most of all my classes. Sweat. sweat. sweat!

    • Thank you Jen for an awesome class and an incredible month.

Infinite Love & Gratitude!