APA Holding support as of now.
 Was looking for a pocket pivot/ break out in APC. Need to see an up volume day higher than any down volume day in the last 10-15 trading days.
 Traders on Stock Twits are going to move this CHK on their own. If you look at the volume, the Up volume days are much heavier than any of the down volume days.
CXO holding 50d moving average as of now. 
 EOG bouncing hard off the 21d moving average day closing right on support. Can be seen more clearly on the weekly chart.
 WLT holding up strong all day. One of a few that didn't take out yesterdays lows.

$APC ready to move.

While my first entry in APC was on the break of 83.00, I was stopped out which gave me some time reevaluate.  Over the past few days it has been holding above 81 and started trading side way creating a flag, allow time for the moving averages to catch up. If you break down to the 30 or 60 minute chart a move above 83.50 or this descending trend line should signal a move higher with stops under that 10dma. A pull in to the 21/50 day moving averages certainly wouldn't be out of the question. Anything is possible.
         Trading down today while the market remained strong isn't what I wanted to see. It will remain on my watch list.

10week line sits at 79.40
10sma at 80.98
21sma at 79.68
50sma at 78.83
           Showing a lot of support in the 78-80 area.



$APC - Nearing all time highs

Would love to see volume surge when i clears 83.00. When/if it clears 83.00, 95/100 is my first target price. 

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