I am a Lover & a Nomad.

My Mission

My mission is to set an example and live a life filled with happiness, love, and adventure. The goal of this website is to inspire others to live fearlessly, in their personal path of growth. To inspire others to start that inward journey.



Earth Warrior

I love to get outside and play. I love to bike, hike, run, jump and climb. I love to move, I am active. I’ve had an odd, unique, and experience filled life thus far. I don’t see that stopping until I’m sleeping six feet under.

I currently find myself in what I feel is a healing stage of my life, physically, mentally and emotionally. Healing, re-evaluating, and hopefully growing. It’s an odd thing looking inside and trying to connect dots.

I recently completed my RYT 200hr vinyasa teacher training through Corepower Yoga here in the Twin Cities. I’m not quite sure yet, what realm I feel called to teach at least.. at the moment. I just know that Teacher Training was an imperative step on my path of growth. It put me in a place of constant discomfort. An old me died in that discomfort and someone new is beginning to emerge. It is a privilege to experience this.

I went into teacher training wanting to expand my knowledge on yoga, the physical practices. Yet, I fell in love with the asana for an entirely different reason, the moving meditation. This is me. Physically speaking, I was looking for better balance. As within, so with out… Balance.


I connected with the Eight fold path overwhelmingly hard. This was my jam. This is what I was missing. The belief, the first hand experience, I know that is my path. I have been practicing this for the last decade but didn’t even realize it. It’s a path that is never ending, it twists and turns, reverses and moves forward. It never perfect, but it always is… because. As I move forward in this new beginning, I will continue to look inward for the answers. It is time to live consciously.


I commonly feel misunderstood. I’ve never felt like I fit in anywhere, with anyone. I’m now beginning to understand why.

My life is changin, I just have to watch and listen. Know what I mean?

If you’re following along and and something resonates or you connect in some way, feel free to reach out. Stress Free Livin is my blog documenting my adventures. The Corner of 8th & Insanity is an additional blog and journal documenting (holding myself accountable) my journey in mental, emotional, and physical health.

The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness...
— John Muir

A Few National Parks AdVenture has taken Me

  • Rocky Mountain National Park

  • YellowStone National Park

  • The Grand Tetons National Park

  • The Grand Canyon National Park

  • Bryce Canyon National Park

  • Zion National Park

  • Canyon Lands Ntional Park

  • Arches National Park

  • Everglades National Park

  • Capitol Reef National Park