Health is Wealth: Day 37/243 - REST DAY #RUN #YOGA

I dreamt of us last night...
You were wearing your rabbit PJ’s again.
And we were wondering about the consequences of a role reversal. You know, me as you and you as me, for a day or so.
But you were right. I keep forgetting to hop... and you keep forgetting that the entire world is spinning in the palm of your hand.
— The Universe

HRV Score: 57
Relative Balance: 9 (Parasympathetic)
Sleep: 7h 43m

Meditation Practice: 7:48am - 12 minutes - 528Hz

Overall morning mood: Slept okay, not great. Felt like I woke up every couple of hours or so. Was definitely stiff when I woke up but loosen up as I began to move. I wasn’t looking forward to having a large needle stuck in me. 9 tubes of blood they had to take from my arm..whooo-eyy!

  • Spectre Cell Micro-nutrient Blood Testing:

  • Nutrients are often broken down into two categories: “macro-nutrients” and “micro-nutrients”. Both play an extremely important role in building, maintaining, and repairing your body, and both affect mental health, physical performance, and everything in between.

  • The term “macro-nutrient” generally refers to protein, carbs, and fat. Each of these has a minimum and maximum threshold that you need to accomplish your goals effectively. For example, too little protein makes it hard for the body to repair tissues. Too little fat or carbohydrates makes energy production difficult. Too much of any macro-nutrient can be toxic and cause elevated systemic inflammation and adds an unnecessary burden to your total stress load.

  • Micro-nutrients are specific vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids, and other substances that your body needs in relatively small quantities to function properly. Similar to macro-nutrients, there is a minimum and maximum threshold for each micro-nutrient that your body needs, and these thresholds are highly dependent on your personal starting point, goals, and overall lifestyle.

  • Elite HRV Article Link: Micronutrients and Supplements That Influence Heart Rate Variability

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The sage keeps her wisdom to herself, while ordinary people flaunt their knowledge.
— Zhuangzi

YOGA: Corepower C2

  1. Class #17

  2. C2 - 4/17

  3. 60 minutes

  4. Average HR: 99. Max HR: 155.

  5. Notes: I was hesitant to head to class today. I was sore and it was technically a rest day, but felt like the hot room on the mat was the best choice. I have been chalking these days up to the Universe. If i find a spot opening up in the parking lot easily and quickly, I head to class. ha..The Universe has yet to tell me, go home…

    1. Jaime was my teacher again today, she also lead my C1 class yesterday. Class was great. Her voice is little higher than other teacher’s I have had, which audibly magnifies the speed of her voice when she speeds it up and slows it down. Not sure if that makes sense, but it does in my head I thoroughly enjoy the C2 classes. While my strength and flexibility is not quite there to maneuver all of the postures, not knowing what is coming next, keeps my brain entirely engaged.

    2. I was having trouble focusing at first. The burns on my face didn’t feel the best in the heat, but as the sweat dropped through them, the skin softened and I let was able to forget about them. The burn above my eye was the hardest to overcome, but it too, passed.

    3. She reiterates giving ourselves the permission to be entirely present. It is an hour on the mat that we are gifting ourselves. Its a good reminder that the ego likes to hijack my brain and wonder off. A moment, to live consciously, and enjoy the time on the floor.

      1. Several years ago, I had written down what success means to me and it went something along the lines of the ability to wear a tank top, board shorts and crocs all day..every day & to be able to travel freely and without limits. I think…I’ve at least nailed the former. I gots to get working on the latter!

    4. I decided today, that unless something specific was calling me to the mat on any given day, I was going to start setting my intentions towards, Healthy, Wealthy & Happy. I feel that everything else will/would come as a by product of that focus. I am Happy, healthy.. and wealthy ;)

    5. She also had us/me thinking about the why’s. Once we understand the why, it can be our driving force and gives us strength.

    6. I enjoyed the balance postures today. I actually enjoy all of the balance postures, minus the chair twist, but that too, I am beginning to enjoy.. For whatever reason, I found Half moon, Ardha Chandrasana, both challenging and enjoyable. Half moon while standing on my right leg seemed significantly harder than when on my left leg.

      1. “The moon has a rich symbolic significance in yoga mythology. In hatha yoga, for example, the sun and the moon represent the two polar energies of the human body. In fact, the word hatha itself is often divided into its two constituent syllables, "ha" and "tha", which are then esoterically interpreted as signifying the solar and lunar energies respectively.” - Yoga Journal

      2. (are-dah chan-DRAHS-anna) 
        ardha = half
        chandra = glittering, shining, having the brilliancy or hue of light (said of the gods); usually translated as "moon"

    7. I know that my major weakness at the moment is my hamstring tightness. I asked after class again for any things to work on. I will need to focus on extended poses stretching out the hamstrings along with the use of blocks and/or straps to help breathe deeper into the stretch.

    8. Class today was great. I learned a lot, which isn’t anything new. One thing I thought was especially awesome was pressing my third eye into the mat in Pigeon and then using the mat to massage the forehead, rotating my head slightly side to side. Holy shit, it felt amazing! Thanks again Jaime. Infinite Love & Gratitude!

Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel.

Internet Truth or Fiction: Hang Eucalyptus in the Shower - The steam from the hot shower will activate the oils eucalyptus to help with decongestion, headaches, inflammation, stress and muscle tightness.

Notes & Quotes: The Inner Tradition of Yoga (pgs 1-11)

  • In each consecutive moment, over and over again, the universe arises and passes away on the thread of the breath cycle.

  • Go slowly

  • Atha - Now or what is here in this moment.

  • The future is invisible and the past is out of reach

  • Yoga is a way of being and a mode of existing. Existence is a play of interconnection.

  • The only place to begin an investigation of yoga, or anything for that matter, is the present moment, because this is all that is actually occurring. The future has not yet arisen, and the past has passed and therefore the only thing we really have to investigate, and the only way to begin paying attention is from within this experience as it unfolds right here and right now.

  • We are more often that not relating to our likes and dislikes rather than to what is actually occurring in life.

  • Present-centered attention with acceptance.

  • Interruption is precisely what yoga is all about. We practice challenging and uncomfortable physical poses as a way of getting to the real.

  • Yoga practice, both on and off the mat, opens heart by revealing our grasping and rigid patterns.

  • When we are open, and our habitual psychological and physical ways of being have loosened, we find ourselves free to respond to the present with a receptive and creative heart.