Health is Wealth: 61/243 - Strength Circuit #RUN #YOGA #MTB

The world is filled with many colorful characters, one or many of whom would be absolutely thrilled to play along in any drama you’d care to create - romantically, socially, financially, comically - any.

You just have to let me do the casting - have to.
— The Universe

HRV Score: 51
Relative Balance: 5 (sympathetic)
Sleep: 6h 30m

Overall morning mood: Great mood. A little tight. Not enough sleep.

Meditation Practice - 7:46a- 10m 13s - 285hz

Affirm: I am not going to rush anything. I am not going to stress out or worry about how things will work out for me. Instead of overthinking, I will align my faith with divine timing and trust that everything that belongs in my life is making its way towards me right now.

GYM: Strength Circuit

  • Warm Up Run

    • Trinity Mountains 4%

    • 14m

    • 1.13miles

    • EG: 154ft

    • Ave HR: 126

  • Strength Circuit 3X

    • Deadlifts - 4x10 @205lbs

      • Standing Pulls in Squat 3x12@50lbs

      • Incline cable press 3X12/Arm @20lbs

    • Lunge with Dumbbell Curl to Press 3X8/L @25lbs

      • Stability Ball Dumbbell press 3x12 @55lbs

    • Horizontal Cable Chops 3X12/s @20lbs

      • Up downs (planks) 3x10/side

      • Cable Crunches 3x15/side @25lbs

    • Bench Press 3x10 @135lbs + Red bands

The Corner of 8th & Insanity: When manifesting you need to remember these things. 1. Always stay positive. 2. Do not spend time thinking about the opposite of what you want. 3. Meditate daily on what you want. 4. See it, smell it, feel it and hear it. 5. If it is real in your brain, it will be real in the physical.