Week 23 - Killer Stability Circuit

If you ain’t pissed off for greatness, that just means you’re okay with being mediocre.

Had a killer work out today. Coming off an active rest week, I've been read y to hit it hard every day this week. Today was a stability circuit workout. 

I started off with a 2mile run at an 8:22/mi pace. My goal while warming up is exactly that, warming up. I stretch dynamically before, during and after my warm up run. I keep my heart rate down in-between 140 and 150. I am 33 so keeping my heart rate under 145-ish keeping me in an aerobic heart rate zone. 

From there my circuit consisted of: 

Single Leg Reverse Band turns - I do 10/arm per leg. One set is essentially doing 40 band rotations. At my gym, I use the green band.

Lateral Box Jumps - One set is 20. Im not jumping on the box, Im jumping laterally from side to side over the box (36in high).

Saturday Night Fever - 8/arm @ 15lbs.

Single Leg Hip Lift on a Exorcise Ball - These are tough as **** for me. I do 8 per leg.

Band Swimming - I feel like an idiot doing these but I can definitely feel them working. I swim forward slowly for 45 seconds at a moderate pace and then swim backwards for 45 seconds. 

Ab Roller - Another one that is tough as ****. I do 10.

Tri Rope Pull Downs into a Chop - I do 10-15 per side at 30-40lbs

Pistol Squats - 8 per leg. Final stop on this stability circuit. 

I do 3-5 laps though these circuit work outs. Post circuit, I usually hop on the elliptical or Row machine for about 15 minutes. Post work out I spend 30 to 45 minutes working on the foam roller, mobility ball and stretching. 

Live Fearless, Not Reckless. 

Disclaimer: As Always, I am not a personal trainer. I invest a lot of time in myself figuring out what works for me. If you have any questions, interested in training or programs, Hit up Dee or Lord Kenny.

Cheers Friends!