Week 23 - Explode & Power... Back at it

Hi Guys -

It was a great rest week for me. I really only rocked a stability circuit and a couple of low HR cardio days. Back at it this week, here as followed

Monday: Power Circuit (plyometrics)
Tuesday: Stability Circuit
Wednesday: Power Circuit (plyometrics)
Thursday: Cardio - Long run, Low HR (5mi+)
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: Cardio Day - Spinning or Road Ride
Sunday: Cardio Day - Spinning or Road Ride

I was down in Moab, Utah a week ago now and rode the Whole Enchilada. From where I was shuttled to, it was only supposed to be a 20mi ride. Coming off of a week where I hiked 65+ miles in the three days prior, I didn't want to ride anything too long. In any case, I made a wrong turn somewhere down a jeep trail and ended up nine miles down near the canyon floor.  It was a dead end of course, so by the time I climbed my way out, I pretty much doubled my ride into a 40 mi ride. Super fun, just didn't have the juice in the legs I really needed. Luckily, didn't feel any cramping until the path ride back to town!

I just wanted to say I really noticed the difference in my riding and over all ability after hitting the gym hard with Dee's MTB training program. Im not a paid advertiser, just wanted to say how awesome it is to notice the difference. 

Live Fearless, Not Reckless.

Week 20 - Explode and Power

Hi Guys -

I completely spaced on posting yesterday so here it goes! 

Monday: Stability Circuit Day
Tuesday: Power Circuit
Wednesday: Rest Day
Thursday: Power Circuit
Friday: Stability Circuit
Saturday: Cardio - HR < 150
       60 minute Run
       60 Minute Spin

Sunday:  Cardio
      Wind Sprints - Minute on the Minute Sprints (30-45min)
                             - 30 seconds @ comfortable jog/ Recovery Pace
                             - 30 Seconds @ Sprint
      Row Machine - 30 Minutes


I just want to say that I have absolutely been in love with this circuit program. I think that this style of workout and programming is great for anyone that loves adventure sports and traveling. A lot of the body weight circuits, you can do anywhere along with your cardio. 

I'm not a paid advertiser for MTB Training, I just took a chance on it and have loved it so far. This is my first off season training in this way. So I am super excited to see how my riding goes this summer. I feel into the trap that most people do when hitting the gym. Lifting and exorcising to lose weight and look a certain way. The problem is, there really isn't a motivating factor hitting the gym that way and is easy to make excuses on the days you just don't really feel like going. It is not sustainable. Find a hobby, something you love and then train to live ;)


Disclaimer: As Always, I am not a personal trainer. I invest a lot of time in myself figuring out what works for me. If you have any questions, interested in training or programs, Hit up Dee or Lord Kenny. Cheers!