Health is Wealth: 70/243 - Strength Circuit #RUN #YOGA #MTB

Do you think it would be cheating, knowing all that I know, if I placed a bet on your inevitable happiness, success, and saunter?

Good. Because I have. It was called the “Big Bang,” and every moment of every day I walk in your shoes.

I knew what I was doing.
— The Universe

GYM: Strength Circuit

  • Warm Up Run

    • Trinity Mountains 4%

    • 16m

    • 2m

    • EG: 167ft

    • Ave HR: 133

  • Strength Circuit 3X

    • Deadlifts - 4x10 @205lbs

      • Standing Pulls in Squat 3x12@50lbs

      • Incline cable press 3X12/Arm @20lbs

    • Lunge with Dumbbell Curl to Press 3X8/L @25lbs

      • Stability Ball Dumbbell press 3x12 @55lbs

    • Horizontal Cable Chops 3X12/s @20lbs

      • Up downs (planks) 3x10/side

      • Cable Crunches 3x15/side @25lbs

    • Bench Press 3x10 @135lbs + Red bands