Health is Wealth: 84/243 - Stability Circuit #RUN #YOGA #MTB

Actually, the less you think about how you can get something, like money, love, or laughter... the faster it will come.
— The Universe

Gym: Stability Circuit

  • Single Leg/ Single Arm Reverse Cable Fly (Low to High) 3x15 @10lbs

  • Limbo’s (Air Squats) - 3x50

  • Dumbbell Bent over lateral raise w/ 3sec pause ( 3x12 @15lbs)

  • Barbell Hip Extensions 3x15 @135lbs

  • Prone Plank With Opposite Arm/Leg Lift 3x10/side

  • Single Leg Triceps Cable Pull down 3x10/side @50lbs

  • Ab Wheel 3x10

  • Russian Curls 3x6