Week 19 - Explode and Power

Good Afternoon & Happy Sunday - 

           I believe I figured out how I am going to utilize this space. On Sundays I am going to drop a post with my program for the week. Intermittently, I may write up a post when something inspiring pops up in a workout. 

          My workouts start with one of three different warm ups. 

  1. Walking Hill Climb - Incline @15, 3.5mph pace. ( with or without weight vest)
  2. 1 mile run where HR is under 140/150. 
  3. 15min on elliptical where HR is under 140/150

        This Week Should be a good one. 

  1. Monday - Stability Circuit
  2. Tuesday - Power Circuit 
  3. Wednesday - Off Day (Yoga or light mobility work)
  4. Thursday - Power Circuit
  5. Friday - Stability Circuit
  6. Saturday - Cardio
    1. 30min MinOnMin - (30sec) - 6mph vs 10mph
    2. 15-30min Rowing
    3. 15-30min Elliptical or Sprinning
  7. Sunday - Cardio
    1. Long Run 
      1. 5+ miles with HR under 150
    2. Long Spin or Ride


Good Afternoon and Welcome


Nick, here again, just another blog section I'd share how I utilize my off season and gym time to train new and upcoming adventures. Feel free to reach out if interested in discussing!

I reached out Dee Tidwell of Enduro MTB Tradining along with the Lord Kenny over at American Strength to get my fitness on! In the past I have always been in the gym to stay in shape and typically to put on size and strength with out much care for cardio.

After a marathon and a few bike races I knew I needed to start training for what I enjoy doing, which meant training smarter, not just harder.