Health is Wealth: Cardio Day - Day 4/243 #RUN

About the ground rules... You know, “paying your dues,” “opportunity only knocking once,” and “early birds getting the worms.”

Well, they were all made up by loving parents who wanted more for their kids than they ever had, yet who knew absolutely nothing of life’s magic, conspiring elements, and other sundry woo-woo.

Yeah, let’s blow their loving minds.
— The Universe

HRV Score: 55 - Crap score. I was thinking due to lack of sleep.
Sleep: 6Hrs - Worked late, didn’t sleep to well.
Overall Mood: Woke up with a little sinus congestion, but the body felt great. My HRV was the weakest of the week. My first thought was to swap rest days with tomorrow. However, 80-90% of my cardio days for the first 6-8 weeks needs to remain in my aerobic heart rate zone anyway. So, instead of resting I decided to hike for an hour and stretch. Rest day tomorrow and hopefully that has me ready for a long cardio day (Ride or Run) on Saturday..and again with another rest day on Sunday. The whole point of me blogging this is to hold myself accountable, especially on rest days. Looking thru my training logs from last year, I realized that i pushed too hard too soon, didn’t trust the program. And in fact, pushed harder on rest days than I did on normal work out days. What the fuck is right. So I will stick to it.

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  • One Hour Hike

    • 3.33Miles

    • Elevation gain 1200ft

    • HR Stayed below 140

    • Average HR 110


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