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Health is Wealth: Rest Day - Day 18/232 #RUN

At first we thought it would be really cool if only your “positive” thoughts became the things and events of your life.

But then we couldn’t think of any things or events that wouldn’t eventually be considered “positive,” so we decided to just leave you “turned on” all the time.

— The Universe

HRV Score: 55
Relative Balance: 5 (sympathetic)
Sleep: 9h 12m
Overall morning mood: Slept well. Knew it was a rest day and it was needed. Chill day.

Home: Yoga - Day 18 - Wonder Yoga

Core Power Yoga:

  1. Yoga: 60min C1 Class.

  2. Average HR: 100

  3. C1 class was slower flow Vinyasa class with a warm room but not near as hot as the C2 class.

Faith is to believe what we do not see; and the reward of this faith is to see what we believe.
— St. Augustine



Health is Wealth: Stability Circuit - Day 17/232

The trick to blending work and play, lies not in what you do, but in how you view what you do.

See work as play and see play as important - super, very.

Super, very important!
— The Universe
The Master acts without doing anything
and teaches without saying anything.
Things arise and she lets them come;
things disappear and she lets them go.
— Lao Tzu

HRV Score: 56
Relative Balance: 9 (Parasympathetic)
Sleep: 9h 33min
Overall morning mood: I woke up feeling awesome. I felt like I slept like a rock. According to my Garmin, I got roughly 4h 15m of deep sleep which is high for me. Last night I googled best sound frequency to sleep to and Delta (less than 4 Hz) popped up so I thought I’d give it a shot. I had it playing in Bose speaker behind my bed relatively quiet. I found a playlist on Spotify and went with The Northern Lights on repeat. Gonna give another whirl tonight! We shall see how it goes. I was seeing crazy synchronicity all morning. I saw 1,111 steps, saw my heart rate at 111 numerous times when I checked my watch. Mileage I saw was 115454. The morning was great..

Home: Yoga - Day 17 - Happiness Boost Yoga

Gym: Stability Circuit

  1. Elliptical - Yosemite Warm Up (10min Warm up)

    1. 1 mile

    2. EG: 830ft

    3. Ave Hr 124

  2. Trinity Mountain Run - 25 minutes

    1. Aerobic

    2. 2.74miles

    3. Average HR: 146

  3. Standard Pull Ups - 3 x 10

  4. Dumb-bell Squats (Dumb bell held under chin) - 3 x 15 @35lbs

  5. Standing Cable Pulls - 3 x 20 @20lbs

  6. Standard Push ups - 3 x 20

  7. Hip Extensions on Stability Ball - 3 x 20 W/5sec pause

  8. Dumb bell Chek Press - 3 x 15 @10lbs

  9. Stability Ball Seated Cable Rotations - 3 x 12/side @ 15lbs

  10. Russian Leg Curls - 1 x 5, 1 x 4, 1 x 3

Notes: I forgot my chest strap, so I had to keep placing my hands on the Treadmill monitor to make sure my heart rate was staying under 145. I was. It was just a little frustrating. My Garmin Wrist Watch that has a hear rate monitor doesn’t work for shit. On a normal run, where my heart rate stays consistently between 135 and 140, my garmin will tell me I am running at 159-178 beats per minute. WTF. At some point during the run I started to feel tired. I could feel it coming both physically and mentally. I was initially going to run down town to read for a few hours before work but decided to head home instead. I ate..a lot and then took an hour nap. I noticed some tightness in my hips and a little soreness in my right shoulder. Tomorrow is a rest day. I think it is much needed. Frustrating, considering how great I felt this morning. Then a workout Friday-Sunday and then an active recovery week. I have a feeling I will be taking that recovery week abnormally slow. Probably a good thing..


The more you are motivated by love, the more fearless and free your actions will be.

The Corner of 8th & Insanity: You had a great start but the day fell apart. I can tell you still don’t entirely know or understand why. That’s okay…You know, Momma always said their would be days like this..perhaps your lesson in this is to slow down a bit. It appeared as though you rushed from one thing to another today. Slow down. Enjoy. Were you even fully present at your Chiropractic appointment. No, I don’t believe you were. You were thinking and trying to figure out if you were going to be able to hit up Core Power, and the complete your workout before getting to work. Your mind was running. That was a selfish move. Your brother took time out of his day, unpaid to help you. Yes you listened. And I know how appreciative you are of his help. Today, that was irrelevant. You weren’t present. At all. Even working out, I don’t believe your mind was there. Perhaps that is your lesson for the day. BE PRESENT. The day is over and it close to bed time. Learn from it, be aware of it. Let it go. Forgive yourself for it.

Dude- you are your own worst enemy. At the same time, you know yourself better than anyone else. We wanted to discuss this self love today. Self acceptance. Total self acceptance. You don’t get pick and choose which qualities to accept. Once you begin to accept yourself for who you are, your internal demons and self hate will disappear. Trust me. Flood your fucking shadows with light. Why not!? You cannot truly love anyone else until you truly love your self.

Your mind & ego have a way of hiding your self hate. Healing has and will be difficult but you are on the right path. Stay with it. I promise you it will be worth it. Listen… real love understands that subconsciously monsters exist but when they surface, that true love will be accepting. Totally. Do you know why? Because Love and acceptance knows that suppression does not bode well. How can it?

Your self criticism, judgmental attitude, eating unhealthy, lacking sleep, wasting time doing shit that doesn’t matter or is waste of time, some days pure laziness, inability to accept others as they are, lack of setting goals and continual self doubt are forms of self hate that you need to deal with. They all prove to be moments of non acceptance of yourself. You may not hate yourself all the time, but if you do not heal these issues, the cracks will become larger and larger. We know what you have to do to heal. For one, it starts with forgiveness. That unconditional love. You have to understand and be aware that your mistakes are part of life. You are what you are and you know what you know because of what and where you have been. Mistakes are learning opportunities. You know that already! They are going to happen. By forgiving yourself for your mistakes of the past, you are releasing those feelings, in effect not dwelling on them.

The more you repress these thoughts and feelings, the more vicious they become. Be true with yourself. While, it may be easier said than done, stop fighting yourself man. Just let yourself BE. Real love is a state of non expectation. Total acceptance. Trust me, the world will become a happier and more beautiful place the more you love yourself. Your world is a mirror of you

I want you to stop the self criticism. It isnt constructive what so ever. When ever you notice or feel a destructive thought coming.. I just want you to acknowledge it. And try to understand why you feel that way. From there, just tell yourself you disagree, replace it with something positive. No matter how dumb it may feel in the moment. Then I want you to remind your self that you love and accept every tiny bit of yourself and that mistakes happen. Til Next time…

Health is Wealth: Cardio - Day 16/243 #RUN

If speaking to a spiritual novice during the darker days of human evolution, one might explain God, metaphorically, as if “He” were angry, testing, and judgmental.

To someone a bit more savvy, during easier times, one might explain God, metaphorically, as if “She” were always loving, nurturing, and forever conspiring on your behalf.

And to someone on the verge of a total breakthrough, during the latter days of human evolution, one might explain God by asking them to turn up the music, take off their shoes, walk in the grass, unleash the dogs, free the canary, catch a breeze, ride a wave, dance every day, get up early, take a nap, stay out late, eat chocolate, feel the love, give stuff away, earn it back, give some more, and laugh.... Really.

Really, really.

Catch a breeze!
— The Universe

HRV Score: 54
Relative Balance: 7 (sympathetic)
Sleep: 8hr 11min
Overall morning mood: Felt like I slept pretty well and in a pretty good mood. I did feel a little rushed and stressed but felt thru it and let it go as quickly as I could

Home: Yoga - Day 16 - Eazy Breezy Beautiful Yoga

Core Power Yoga:

  1. Yoga: 60min C1 Class.

  2. Average HR: 106

  3. C1 class was slower flow Vinyasa class with a warm room but not near as hot as the C2 class or Hot Yoga class. I loved it.


  1. Run South Island, NZ: 0%

    1. 60min

    2. 6.53mi

    3. Ave HR 138

    4. EG: 00 feet

Notes: Yoga was awesome today. I enjoyed our instructor, she was knowledgeable and I really like when they take the time to show alternative poses to certain moves. The C1 class was a bit slower flow vinyasa and the room was not quite as warm. Still broke a sweat. I went directly to the gym from Yoga as is was my cardio day and after about 30min I felt like I had trouble keeping my heart rate down. I had to hop off or walk twice to get my heart rate to drop back below 146 although I was able to keep my HR under 146 the entire run with the exception of those two spikes where is jumped up to 159. I think my mediocre HRV score, empty stomach and perhaps my music was the culprit. I think from now on, I am going to try and listen to really mellow calming music or lyric-less music on my long, aerobic runs.

Internet Truth or Fiction: Tomatillo…A Cancer Super food. Researchers from the University of Kansas examined the fruit’s compounds and found that it has the abilities to fight against several forms of cancer. The withanolides content in tomatillo was found to be effective against breast cancer, leukemia, cancer of the esophagus, melanomas, thyroid cancer, pancreatic cancer and even some brain tumors.

Your ego competes and compares yourself to others. Your true self knows realizes that you have to no reason to compete or compare with anyone. The battle is within.

The Corner of 8th & Insanity: You had a good day, but you still woke up stressed and over thinking. It was reflected in your HRV score and your inability to go back to sleep when you woke up significantly too early. Here is the thing though.. As Maryam Hasnaa says, you gotta forgive yourself for your fuck ups. Hold yourself accountable but that is part of self love…forgiveness. You did a pretty good job at feeling it through and letting it go. That was largely due to your yoga practice with Adrienne. You felt it immediately, didn’t you? I know you did. You felt it through your neck, your shoulders, all the way down your spine.

When we get frightened, we want to control everything, and then we shut off the flow of our good. Trust life. Everything we need is here for us.
— Louise L. Hay

When you start to give your ego names, you can differentiate the ego from your true-self. It is a Buddhist technique. The benefit is that it allows you to separate the idea or the feeling from yourself and with that you accept it, its place, and then consciously decide if you want to believe it is truly a good idea or not…to act on it or not. You have to realize the voice is not you. Do not attach to it. The ego will have you believe that it is you, believe me. Your ego will do its best to pound it into you. The beauty of it all, is these thought patterns or repetitive thoughts become options to you. The more you try to suppress them, the stronger they become and they are going to blow a fucking gasket at some point down the line. You have dealt with this enough. That is why you are on this path. To let this shit of the past go. You want the choice, over a reaction. Reactionary measures rarely outweigh the proactive. Shooting from the hip man, time and a place and this ain’t the time, nor the place.

Within your true self is a constant state of love. Don’t forget that. That is what they mean when they say you are God, we all are God. God is entirely with in us. You, your true self is love. You need to relinquish control. Let it fucking go. This another ego trick. There is no lack of love when living your true self. Your true self overflows with love, man. Come on! You, along with the majority of people have been fucking brainwashed into thinking that people act a certain way when they are in love. They don’t. They act in accordance with how they feel about themselves. It is not a reflection of you… And when you don’t see it, you try to control others into acting a certain way that fills these perceived holes or lack. All Control is, is an attempt to gain approval through force. Is that really what you want? How can you actually trust that? If you manipulate or force someone into doing or acting a certain way, how can you possibly fucking trust that they believe or feel what it is that they are doing or saying? You are doing nothing but sucking the life force out of them. Selfishly, it’s pathetic and absolutely ridiculous to live that way. It’s like torturing someone for information. At some point, they are just going to tell you what you want to hear. That is no way to go through life. Believe this…. you act in a controlling manner, know that you feel unloved… and in that, you are not in sync with your true self. There is no fucking lack, dude..Chill!

Knowing your own darkness, is the best method for dealing with the darkness of other people
— Carl Jung

Unconditional acceptance of yourself is all you need to silence the voices. You are going to fuck up, that is the nature of the beast. Learn from it, work at it and forgive yourself. Most importantly, forgive yourself. You conquer this ego, and as the Hindu’s view it, “ The ego is a serpent that, once mastered, can be worn around the neck as an adornment.” This is not to say you need to kill your ego, quite the opposite. It truly is your friend, but you, your true self needs to be in the driver seat. Got it? Good. Practice that shit. You know what it going to foce you to practice, Yoga. Meditation and self love dude. SELF LOVE. It’s time for you to get your ass to bed, you know you need the sleep. We’ll start on some more self tomorrow perhaps.


Health Is Wealth: Cardio Day - Day 14/243

And if they try to deny their own existence, they will live life bitter and die. So you must learn to follow your destiny, whatever it may be, with joy.
— The Spy

HRV Score: 57
Relative Balance: 6 (sympathetic)
8hr 48m
Overall Mood & Energy:
Meh.. It was a late weekend. Wasn’t in bed early enough and could feel it when I woke up

Home: Yoga Day 14 - Mindful Hatha Yoga Workout
Gym - Cardio Day - Low HR (Aerobic Run - Needed to keep mine under 146)

  • Yosemite Warm up 4%

    • Elliptical

  • Run - New Zealand to Grand staircase 2%

    • 60 minutes

    • 6.64miles

    • Average HR 133



My initial thought with this blog was to use it a way to hold myself accountable and allow people to follow along. However, moving forward I am just going publish as if nobody is reading this. As I think I would prefer it that way. I knew I would enjoy yoga and have evern more than I thought. So I have decided to enroll in a teacher training program. I wont be following along the Yoga With Adriene anymore, I will be attending classes regularly and then my 200hr teacher training will begin on Feb 20th.

Again, as I evolve and grow, so will this portion of my blog. I am going to combine and use it as a training log and journal. As of right now, I see it broken up into a few sections for each day’s entries.

  1. qotd

  2. hrv

  3. sleep

  4. mood & Diet

  5. workout routine

  6. yoga practice

  7. Journal entry

Health Is Wealth: Cardio Day - Day 13/243

All my life, I thought of loves as some kind of voluntary enslavement. Well, that’s a lie: freedom only exists when love is present. The person who give him or herself wholly, the person who feels freest, is the person who loves most wholeheartedly.
— Eleven Minutes

HRV Score: 58
Relative Balance: 9 (Parasympathetic)
7hr 43m
Overall Mood & Energy:
Rested and Great

Home: Yoga Day 13 - Endurance & Ease
Gym - Cardio Day - Low HR (Aerobic Run - Needed to keep mine under 146)

  • Yosemite Warm up

    • Elliptical

  • Run - Trinity Mountains

    • 60 minutes

    • 6.83miles

    • Average HR 133



Health is Wealth: Stability Circuit Day 10/243 #RUN

And just when we learned that it would be you, again, who’d change the course of the entire human civilization, we learned that this time you’d do it as an insider, on the ground, amongst the masses...
— The Universe

HRV Score: 58
Relative Balance: 10 (Parasympathetic)
Sleep: 7h 15min
Overall mood: Woke up a irritable at 4:30a and couldn’t fall back asleep. Still felt great thru my workout and rest of the day. I hope I get a lot more sleep tonight!

Home -Yoga: Day 10 - Sun Salutation

Gym - 30 Min Hike on the Treadmill Warm Up equated to 1.6 miles. Ave pace was about 3.3mph and I gained almost 600ft in elevation gain.

15 min roll out with foam roller and mobility ball

Stability Circuit: I do each exorcise back to back with no rest until the circuit is completed. I went for three rounds today

    2. CLAM SHELLS - 15/SIDE
    6. PRONE PLANK - 60/90/120 SECONDS

Internet Truth Or Fiction: “If you have a disease no matter what kind of disease it is, you are anemic. Iron is the mineral that conveys oxygen to the brain. Iron is the spark plug of the human body. When you are deficient in iron you are susceptible to a whole bunch of diseases. Without iron the body looses energy and the immune system begins to give way. There is no oxygen to the brain when iron is low. Without iron, we wrinkle at young age and no longer able to walk straight. - Dr. Sebi’ ……. What are your thoughts on this?


Health is Wealth: Cardio - Day 9/243 #RUN

There’s only one reason I can think of that an infinitely powerful, all-knowing, fun-loving, eternal gladiator of the Universe would ever choose to be born into a little human body, with stub-able toes, adrift in time, immersed in space, cloaked in mystery:

There’d have to be much more to what was going on than mere mortal eyes could behold, and it would have to be really, really, really, really, really beautiful.

And it so is.
— The Universe

HRV Score: 57
Relative Balance: 7 (sympathetic)
Sleep: 8h 5m
Overall Mood: Woke up feeling okay. Was definitely feeling tight from that Psoas release. I think I am going to do that once every other week or so


  • Yoga Day 9 - Full Potential Detox Practice

Outside: Willow River Hike

  • 5.65min

  • 1hr 45min

  • Elevation Gain: 729ft

Gym: Wind Sprint Intervals

  • 5 minute warm up Jog

  • 15 - 30sec wind sprints

  • 5 min cool down

    • 2.35 miles

    • Ave HR 154

  • Stretch

Internet Truth or Fiction: Benefits of Ginger

  1. Helps with eczema

  2. Promotes gut integrity

  3. Helps with nausea and vomiting

  4. Reduces stomach discomfort

  5. Protects the liver

  6. Antimicrobial

  7. Pain killer

  8. Anti-inflamatory

  9. Helps with mentral cramps

  10. Helps with allergy and asthma


Health is Wealth: Stability Circuit - Day 8/243 #RUN

Curiously, while you’re discovering the God within you, I’m discovering the You, within me.
— The Universe

HRV Score: 59
Relative Balance: 9 (Parasympathetic)

Sleep: 7hr 15min

Overall Mood: Woke up feeling great. Especially, after a rest day. Woke up earlier than usual and couldn’t go back to sleep.


  • Yoga Day 8 - Yoga for Healing & Meditation

  • Deep Psoas Trauma Release

Gym: Stability Circuit

  1. Grand Staircase Hike (15min Warm up)

    1. .85 miles

    2. EG: 315Ft

    3. Max HR: 113.

  2. Trinity Mountain Run

    1. Aerobic

    2. 1.73miles

    3. Average HR: 146 (180-34(My age)= 146)

  3. Standard Pull Ups - 3 x 10

  4. Dumb-bell Squats (Dumb bell held under chin) - 3 x 15 @35lbs

  5. Standing Cable Pulls - 3 x 20 @20lbs

  6. Standard Push ups - 3 x 20

  7. Hip Extensions on Stability Ball - 3 x 20 W/5sec pause

  8. Dumb bell Chek Press - 3 x 15 @10lbs

  9. Stability Ball Seated Cable Rotations - 3 x 12/side @ 15lbs

  10. Russian Leg Curls - 1 x 5, 1 x 4, 1 x 3

Internet Truth or Fiction: Drinking Water from Copper cups/water bottles has incredible health benefits. Water stored in copper water jugs can become natural alkaline water, which helps balance your body’s pH levels. Studies have shown that copper is anti-bacterial, acts as en effective anti-oxidant and improves immunity to name a few of the benefits. Here are 11 others..

  1. Helps the digestive system perform better

  2. Aids in weight loss

  3. helps heal wounds faster

  4. slows down aging

  5. helps maintain hearth health and beats hypertension

  6. Mitigates cancer risk

  7. Regulates the thyroid gland

  8. Helps in deterring arthritis and inflammation

  9. Beats infection

  10. Boosts skin health and melanin production

  11. Helps beat anemia


Health is Wealth - Week 2 Schedule

YOGA DAY 8 - Yoga for Healing & Meditation

TUESDAY: CARDIO - Anaerobic RUN (Intervals)
YOGA DAY 9 - Full Potential Detox Practice

Chiropractic & PT work
YOGA DAY 10 - 10 Min Sun Salutation

THURSDAY: Aerobic Run (30min) & Stability Circuit
YOGA DAY 11 - Shakti Yoga Practice

YOGA DAY 12 - Yoga For Spinal Health

SATURDAY: CARDIO - Anaerobic RIDE OR RUN (Intervals)
YOGA DAY 13 - Endurance & Ease

SUNDAY: Aerobic Run (60min)
YOGA DAY 14 - Mindful Hatha Yoga Workout


Health Is Wealth - Rest Day - Day 7/243 #RUN

When you lobe yourself, you glow from the inside. You attract people who love, respect and appreciate your energy. Everything starts with and how you feel about yourself. Start feeling worthy, valuable and deserving of receive the best that life has to offer. Be magnetic.
— The Universe

HRV Score: 58
Sleep: (9h 40m - My Garmin says I got 5 hours of deep sleep. I am not sure how much I agree with that as of lately the night sweats have me up around midnight but that seems to be about it.
Overall Mood: I woke up feeling great. Rested for sure. I could tell that I ran for an hour on Saturday as my calves were a bit tight. Yoga, stretch and rest day. I am proud of myself for not going to the gym today. Woot woot! I like trying new things. Especially when it comes to the bod and helping it feel better. I’ added a video below for Psoas release that a friend at the gym suggested I give a shot. If you try it, let me know what you think!
Home: Yoga - Day 7 - Total Body Yoga

Internet Truth Or Fiction: Physical Change Creates Mental Change - A sick person is seldom happy but a well person often is. As we eliminate material from the body, there is a mind change as well as a body change change because we relieve the mind and brain of the stressful poison of toxic materials. We think more clearly and w’er able to make better decisions. Were able to enjoy our surroundings and w see beauty as we have never seen it before.


Health is Wealth: Cardio Day - Day 6/243 #RUN

An unhealed person can find offense in pretty much anything someone does.

A healed person understands that the actions of others has absolutely nothing to do with them.

Each day, you get to decide which one you will be.
— The Universe

Affirmation: I am not going to rush anything. I am not going to stress or worry about things will workout for me. Instead of overthinking, I will align my faith with divine timing and trust that everything belongs in my life is making its way towards me right now.

HRV Score: 58
8 Hours
Overall Mood & Energy:
Woke up feeling pretty great. Sinus congestion cleared for the most part and excited for a long cardio day!

Home: Yoga Day 6 - Six Pack Abs
Gym - Cardio Day - Low HR (Aerobic Run - Needed to keep mine under 146)

  • Hike - Grand Staircase

    • 30 Minutes

    • 1.65 Miles

    • Average HR 110

    • Elevation Gain: 590 feet

  • Run - Trinity Mountains

    • 60 minutes

    • 6.83miles

    • Average HR 141

Internet Truth Or Fiction: Alcohol is a Brain Toxin - Alcohol is the only substance that enters into the blood stream and into the human system through walls of the stomach without going through the process of digestion. In reaches the brain almost instantly after swallowed. Pure fucking poison. Drinking weakens your immune system, making your body an easy target for disease.  Chronic drinkers are more liable to contract diseases like pneumonia and tuberculosis than people who do not drink.  Drinking on a single occasion slows your body’s ability to ward off infections – even up to 24 hours after.


Health is Wealth: Rest Day - Day 5/243

First, choose from the options that thrill you.
Then, choose the ones that also teach you.
And from these, choose the scariest.
Butterflies in your tummy are good!
— The Universe

Every Day Habits That Drain Your Energy:

  • Taking things personally

  • Holding on to the past

  • Checking social media, texts and emails incessantly

  • Over stressing

  • Involving yourself in gossip and drama

  • Poor diet - Foods filled with negative energy.

  • Complaining

  • Trying to please everyone

  • Not remaining present

HRV Score: 56
10 Hours
Overall Mood & Energy:
Woke up feeling pretty good. Still a little sinus congestion and lacking normal amounts of energy. Head cold is passing. It’s a rest day!

Internet Truth Or Fiction: The Amazing Benefits of Chlorophyll - It assists in blood purification, cleanses and eliminates toxins, promotes healthy digestion, helps control body odor, helps control hunger, maintains healthy teeth, stops candida growth, boots immune system, and fights anemia.


Health is Wealth: Cardio Day - Day 4/243 #RUN

About the ground rules... You know, “paying your dues,” “opportunity only knocking once,” and “early birds getting the worms.”

Well, they were all made up by loving parents who wanted more for their kids than they ever had, yet who knew absolutely nothing of life’s magic, conspiring elements, and other sundry woo-woo.

Yeah, let’s blow their loving minds.
— The Universe

HRV Score: 55 - Crap score. I was thinking due to lack of sleep.
Sleep: 6Hrs - Worked late, didn’t sleep to well.
Overall Mood: Woke up with a little sinus congestion, but the body felt great. My HRV was the weakest of the week. My first thought was to swap rest days with tomorrow. However, 80-90% of my cardio days for the first 6-8 weeks needs to remain in my aerobic heart rate zone anyway. So, instead of resting I decided to hike for an hour and stretch. Rest day tomorrow and hopefully that has me ready for a long cardio day (Ride or Run) on Saturday..and again with another rest day on Sunday. The whole point of me blogging this is to hold myself accountable, especially on rest days. Looking thru my training logs from last year, I realized that i pushed too hard too soon, didn’t trust the program. And in fact, pushed harder on rest days than I did on normal work out days. What the fuck is right. So I will stick to it.

Home: Yoga Day 4 - Yoga For You Back

  • One Hour Hike

    • 3.33Miles

    • Elevation gain 1200ft

    • HR Stayed below 140

    • Average HR 110


Internet Truth Or Fiction: Chaga us is one of the healthiest mushrooms on earth. Chaga is a mushroom that grows on Birch trees. Natives used it for thousands of years to boost their immune systems. It is said to promote longevity, reduce stress, improve vitality and well being as well as being the the perfect coffee replacement.