The Samadhi Chronicles: Volume V

D o n ' t g o i n a n d h i d e ;

D o n ' t c o m e o u t a n d s h i n e ;

S t a n d s t i l l i n t h e m i d d l e .


Dude, the Tao have it right.. work towards that wholeness, and everything will flock to you without lifting a finger


Breathing Practice WH (AM)
Breathing Practice WH (PM)

As you experience the power you have to attract, you will move on to creating much bigger things.


Breathing Practice WH (AM)
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Core Power Yoga - C2 #28 - Ellen
Breathing Practice WH (PM)

The Corner of 8th & Insanity

She is your ultimate test. If you cannot be your your free-est, your truest in her presence, whether it be at your lowest or your highest then you have failed not only her, you have failed yourself. She is fully aware of the delusional bullshit. That is the power of the feminine force.

The calling has been so strong. They keep showing up. The signs are everywhere I look, its just trusting and letting go. I’ve been grasping. Not hearing what I want to from people I want to hear it from. It’s pretty simple, live what you feel inside. Stop everything else. Less talking, more doing. Higher awareness is tough as fuck though. Its all fucking new and uncharted waters. It feels raw.

Is it that I need to close my mouth or focus only speaking consciously? It’s like what Sethikus meant when he said master speech. You don’t speak, unless you know exactly what you are fucking saying. That’s pretty right in the face right there. Its about perfecting our speech because of the feelings words evoke and the distorted meaning that can be taken. I enjoyed him speaking about perfection because he also talked about giving it room. Nobody is perfect out there and were going to fuck it up. Master of Speech though. What a thought. I think that if I feel misunderstood because I haven’t come close to learning this lesson. I’ve always felt this way really which means that my word and action aren’t congruent. Or that I have not been able to articulate what and how I feel. My brain has never worked fluidly. It has never worked like everyone elses. Its pathetic the homework I am unable to help the kids with because I don’t remember shit. Each aspect in my life, speech, thought, action must all harmonize and root from my core being, from that place of love. The pieces are coming though I feel like, not to say there is an end but progress perhaps is a better word to use. Master your speech. That is my biggest focus right now. The only forum I should be using to to splat this out is right here.. Now that I think of it, speech and diet. All the other shit, I feel pretty good about.

One thing I know I can do, is take all of the You’s out of my mouth. Because anytime, I say you, I’m really talking about me. .. so replacing the you’s with I’s..

You embarked on a journey together. There us nothing to escape, you are here to master this shit. Obstacles aren’t meant to defeat you in any way. This is impermanent and will pass. All things challenging are preparing, that is what growth is. Think of any game and what you need to do to pass on to the next level. The more you learn the higher you ascend. With each level of ascension, comes new and more challenging lessons. The harder the lessons, the better the reward. Master yourself man, look with in.

So what is that you want? What do you want to create? What do you want next?

I’m not really sure. Maybe thats part of the problem and why I am feeling the way that I am feeling. Spinning my wheels a bit. I hate this stagnant feeling though.

Life is available only in the present moment.
— Thich Nhat Hanh


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The Corner of 8th & Insanity

Listen man, there are no lost souls out there. The universe knows exactly where every single soul is. Every single one makes it home. There is no need to worry.

I get it, you like challenge. That is how the masculine, how most dudes grow. Challenge accepted ya know. But the feminine is different. She… grows by praise. This falls into the realm of conscious speech man. Don’t hesitate to express your appreciation and gratitude for her and her gifts. And she gives you so many fucking gifts. That praise, that gratitude only and always magnifies her beauty man. Think about that for a second. It doesn’t stop, it never stops. She wants growth, you know it and she knows it. Where your focus goes, your energy flows. Shower that praise in areas that need it most. That is what needs your love. Between a couple of dudes, challenge works. With your Lady, not so much. Praise is the motivator. She will feel your love.


Breathing Practice: WH (AM)
Breathing Practice WH (PM)

The Corner of 8th & Insanity

I wanna walk in righteousness. But I keep tripping over ditches of my selfishness. I’m glad I started listening Nahko, the man can speak. This roller coaster is overwhelming. I didn’t know how shitty I felt, until I started to wake up feeling good. Every time I mentioned that to people I spoke with, I was referring to how I felt physically. I felt like shit all the time, I was used to it. Fast food, energy drinks and cigarettes. I was physically tight and out of shape, and constantly dehydrated. As within, so without. The physical pain I carried around was a reflection of the emotional pain. In so many of the same ways, just different. As I work on the inside, all of the suppressed shit surfaces that I didnt even realize I was carrying or feeling. I wake up feeling light and amazing and can look in the mirror and smile.

Then there are those moments, those days I feel knocked off my high. My zone. Its a slap in the face. I am a dog chained to a post. Excitement fills me, then I see the squirrel … sprinting only to snap my neck at the end of the leash. It wasn’t long enough. I don’t feel alone as I used to. In fact, I think I’m really starting to feel more connected.


Listen man. You are a great person, with loving intentions. Let go of the mistakes you’ve made in the past. You do not need to fear repeating your mistakes. You are learning the lessons, and becoming aware of every ripple you cause. You are seeing it everywhere you look. Today is a brand new day, the sun is up and shining. It is filled with new and endless possibilities. The only limitations that exist are those that you impose on yourself. You are entering a time in your life what is filled with abundance. Dream bigger and don’t stop. Believe. Trust. Walk your path of righteousness.

Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured.
— Mark Twain

Had an extremely interesting conversation with Juliet this morning. She works with individuals that want to embody and work continuously from that higher level of consciousness. Self doubt, self judgement, self criticism, self, self self, are old thought patterns that are limiting my ability to give myself permission. I gave myself permission. I continue to, but need to work at it from a different angle now. I have been though a lot as of recently and I need to breathe. Breathe man, fucking breathe. There are so many moving, hanging pieces in my energy field, that I need to start to integrate. I will give myself permission. I will continue to. That permission will bring clarity. as to what is needed and what will naturally fall away. The over thinking is synonymous with spinning your wheels. I just need to kick it into four wheel for a minute to get some momentum. I’m there man, I got this.

Dude, self love man. What the actual fuck is going on in your head right now. You’d think youda passed out by the spinning of back and forth by now. Chill. Now chill some more. Seriously, laughing out loud. Giving yourself permission and having compassion for yourself go hand in hand. You want to be happy, practice compassion. She said it today, you are already whole. You are already it. Accept it. Accept yourself. This is what you were given, so quit fucking with it by over complicating it. You are whole. Love and accept yourself unconditionally. That self hate chatter bullshit is disconnecting you from the fucking well. That source. That connection. You are so fucking thirsty for it. Let go and drink. Love yourself fucking drunk man. Take the time to assimilate, integrate, create, new man.

Dude, give yourself permission. The law of polarity proves true that what you want is achievable. The universe will show you the way. Claim it. Claim that possibility. Just give in and believe it. What if is so? What if it does? Why not try for the what if? You see where your trading was then, and now. You see, what your eyes are capable of seeing, interpreting and creating. You are over complicating this on so many levels, its laughable.

You’ve had one foot in and one foot out for long enough. Commit and watch what happens. 10,000x is yours. You feel those butterflies. You feel the burning. the energy moving. You’ve always known. Your fingers are lit, your shoulders are pulled back, let fucking go.

Every day I want you to remember how important, unique and gifted you are. Acknowledge your infinite worth. Give thanks but with your heart open too. Anchor in your wholeness and accept what is rightfully yours. Celebrate your essence by allowing yourself to be fully expressed in every area of your life. No shame, no guilt, no self judgement. Embody your greatness man. Relax man, its all gravy.

one last thought for the mornin, dude dont know what you want, because you havent really thought about it. You’ve spent so much time trying to figure “it” out. you create the it, so from now on, right after your breathing practice spend the next ten to fifteen minutes creating in your mind. Should be some fun visualizations. You know what your eyes see when they are closed! Get fuckin wild man. Its honestly really somethin waking up to a whole new life. Breathe.

Got to give, Got to give, Got to give... Just …


Breathing Practice: WH (AM)
Visualization (AM)
Core Power Yoga: C2 #29 - Victoria
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The Corner of 8th & Insanity

Dude, you have it. Do nothing but surrender in the deepest trust and love that you can fathom, and we both know what you have felt. You don’t need to be a do-er, just surrender. Let there be and let go. Desires are aiight, nothing wrong with wanting. But man, release the need for it. That’s the ticket right there. If you have the desire, the intention comes from love, then let all else go and what happens, will happen.

So funny, this is exactly what Victoria was speaking about in class today. Show up, put in the work, be conscious not passive… and let go of the need to taste that fruit. That is what yoga is about. This constant tussle and struggle with out practice, enjoy it man.

I absolutely do. I love, love, love the asana. I love moving, and grooving and sweating like a bitch in heat. If my body could handle more, Id spend even more time in the hot room and on my mat. Class today was awesome and hard. I couldnt believe how much sweat was pouring out of me. Everyone must know all the shit I’m purging through that sweat. I dont understand how people can go in there and not.

Dude, enlightenment doesn’t just hit you and come out of nowhere. You move toward it with your effort. This effort is commonly unrecognizable, because effort and “hard work” are not synonymous. You have to try soft—to be curious and open to whatever the fuck happens. Live in the unknown. Be uncomfortable.


Breathing Practice: WH (AM)
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The Corner of 8th & Insanity

Going with the flow is as lucrative as grinding. The only difference is how do you want to feel? Don’t be ok with being physically, emotionally or mentally burnt out. What is the point of that?

When we know the truth, we become people who don't have to think much, we become people with wisdom. If we don't know, we have more thinking than wisdom or no wisdom at all. A lot of thinking without wisdom is extreme suffering. - Ajahn Chah


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The corner of 8th & Insanity

It was a long as day out in the sun. I’m head to bed to enjoy some sweeeeeeeeet dreams.